Friday, April 6, 2012

My Dears

My last Blog was about Sherry and her journeys through early
cancer diagnosis and how scary that is. Good news today.
An early test, one that took three weeks to come back
indicated she is not a candidate for chemo,in a good way.
She is going to have a six-week radiation regimen. She is healthy
and strong and her attitude is great.

So, this feels increasingly like a resurrection, another
Easter story, of somebody getting her life back, of someone
coming back to life. While her disease didn't change and her diagnosis
didn't change, she went from a person whose life and new marriage was
at risk, to a person who lymph nodes were clean, to a woman whose
breasts and body are safe, to a person, who is doing radiation
to burn out any wandering cancer cells, but whose body does not
have active tumors. We're pretty grateful, actually we're profoundly and
irrevocably grateful.

So what did it for Sherry? I think this: True love, an ardent and supportive
family with two sterling children and doting grandchildren, prayer, a very
sophisticated team of medical people who knew what they were doing, friends
that helped every way they could, prayer, that her disease way caught
way early, true love, and a way-way caring new husband. Did I mention prayer?

Turns out, I am mightily fond of ressurections.

Think Pink!


  1. wonderful news! Pink is good. :-)

  2. This week, we got a bunch of hits from Russia and Australia. I love that. Welcome, my new friends. Hope all is well with you . Barbara