Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mr. Wot and Mrs. Wot

One of my favorite people, is Awot, a sidekick for Brent SouthCombe, our illustrious chef.  Shortened to Wot (because we can remember his name better). Wot is a refugee and now a rising star in
the world-class cookery. When he makes a salad, the vegetables are prepared to precisely that mere food is rendered into beauty.  It's a art Brent mastered years ago, and Wot practices faithfully.

Wot came to us from Africa, to my church over three years ago.  He's thin, to the point of being wirey.  I've watched him literally run from job to job.  He has three.  He has immigrant status, and his English
is somewhat limited.  He's done everything right, has the right documents, works with the right immigration and refugee services, found the right jobs.  I do not believe there is another human being who works harder.  There is great dignity in that.

He has great presence with people, has a breathe-taking smile that comes forth at the end of the day.  During the day he is all responsibility.  He muscles those massive carts around, man-handles those hot-hot-hot pans. Talk about character.  Wot has a sense of rightness about himself, and wouldn't in a million years take an unrighteous short-cut.  He's the real deal.  

Wot is married.  I didn't know that because Wot is not one for talking about himself.  He's gone through hell-on-earth to get where he is now.  But if the two of us sat down on the back porch, he might
not tell me what that was like.  I do not know who his wife is, but I'm willing to bet she is a spectacular soul  as well, and has had equal hardships, mitigated by the necessity for hard work.

So, here is where Mr. and Mrs. Wot are now:  they are about to be new parents, within the month.
So given their histories of the worst hard times, and their capacity for hard, gifted work, what is the gift
of their lives to this wondrous child?  American citizenship.  This child will be so loved by
parents of character and strength, will be educated in America and will live on the safety of my community.

I'm knitting a little blue baby-blanket for this child.  He will be so beautiful against that robin-egg


  1. Blessing and good wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Wot! Wonderful you're making a warm, comfy, Robin eggs blue blanket for the new little one. :-)

  2. Thanks, Mary. I'm giving him a copy of this post and your comments. He'll see them, and Brent
    will read them to him. He doesn't know how much we think of him. This baby is pretty special.