Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So, Walking

The purest pleasures are the simple ones.

A bite of dark chocolate.  The sweet kisses of children.  Long, sauntering walks.

About six weeks ago, I started walking seriously.  Two-to-four mile walks, two or three times a week.I was tuckered out, lots of times, given that it was tough to walk across big parking lots.  I could tell you that it was a new commitment to exercise and health.  But really I was having trouble with my car.

I live in a pretty little city, there are a lot of things I can get to via my feets.  At first, I was the teeniest bit resentful and more than a little tired, but as my fitness levels increased, which they do in a hurry when you walk that far that often, it increasingly became a pleasure. I think I can sustain this level of activity for a long time.

What have I seen out on my walks?  Five deer, down from the foothills, not two blocks away from our little wilderness.  Tons of flowers I couldn't name.  The turn of spring  into summer.   Storm clouds brewing on the horizons.  Now there's energy for you.  The renewing of parts of my neighborhood.  I live in one of the oldest, one still without sidewalks in places.  It's fun to see those older homes get a spiffy new look.  I think I am too.  Lots of puppies and kitties, who come by for pats.

How do animals know instinctively who will love them and who will not?  Some other kind of brain is at work.  It's a good one.

I'm getting rid of clothes.  The ones that are sliding off my shoulders and sagging around my butt.  That's fun.

I must be prepping for a new kind of life.  One with better health and new projects and responsibilities.

Fine with me.


  1. Lovely photos! And good for you for taking long walks! Sometimes you see such amazing and beautiful things while taking a walk.