Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Habitat House

We have wonderful events all throughout the year, but this one might be the most fun.  It happened this morning, when 450 of my closest friends got together to build a couple of houses—in three hours—for our local Habitat for Humanity folks.

To be fair, we framed them.  With our partners, the local Habitat folks and Crossroads, a national organization that. .  organizes these big builds.  It can be done; we did it.

We were divided into teams.  I admit I fell in love with my team.  They were such willing, effective, and sweet-hearted workers.  The first to form, the last to  leave.  We had two little kids, a sterling teenager, guys who could work up a storm, our fearless leader, and... wait for it. . me.  I did have a real job, in my 66th year.  I picked up nails, took pictures, watched over the whole production and marveled at what people were doing, elected chief cheerleader, I was, and  I pounded in 16 nails, up from 4 last year.   Here is what I could do that was helpful:  I got the nails started, which requires a bit of patience and tender direction.  Then the big guns came in and gave the nails a few whacks:  Done.   I have friends and family that will fail to believe this.  This photo is proof.

Our little kids, along with every other little kid, and there were a hundred or so, were exceedingly useful and productive workers.  Here's how:  when the nails were in a tough spot or at an impossible angle in a place too small for an adult person to get into or close to, they were able to do it.  And to do it right smart. We love and doted, yes, we did.  We had one group that was all teenagers, and they were completely effective and successful.

So, here's what happens.  Our little teams, 6-8 people: some people who actually know what they were doing; some kids, some parents (usually attached), the resident old lady or old guy.  Everybody had something real to do.  We would frame sections of walls, windows, both interior and exterior frame.  Then we nailed plywood to lots of those; then brought all those back and unbacked frame together to form a house.  So it's impressive to see it come together so fast.

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  1. Wonderful photo essay!
    Such worthwhile work....