Wednesday, March 26, 2014

That Deep Sigh

Spring foods.  Asparagus.  Strawberries.  Tiny green peas.

When the temperature hits 60 degrees, we're looking for cafes where you can have your coffee outside and veggie dishes become important.   I don't survive winter without beef or pork anymore, but the lightness and tastiness of veggies come to prominence in March and April.   The flavors are magnificent.

But they just don't taste the same when they are out of season.

Here is one of my favorite spring dishes:

You'll need a package of raviolis, cheese maybe.  Cook those.

While those are on the stove,  melt a tablespoon of butter in a heavy skillet.  Add a garlic clove, some red chopped onion, let those brown.  Add 2-3 pounds of fresh veg:  this time of year it's asparagus, green peas (sugar snaps are fine),  small mushrooms.   Cut them into bit sized pieces. Later in the summer it's green beans, halved cherry tomatoes, corn.  Cook them until they are just tender.  Add salt and pepper.

Put the raviolis on a platter, add a little butter, and then layer the veggies on top, and top that with a little squeeze of lemon.  Add some goat cheese if you want a little more protein.  Add some fresh basil leaves and/or some fresh parsley to top.

It is so good.  Serve it with a fresh green salad with radishes and green onion, maybe some cucumber, and then finish with a strawberry pie.  There's that deep sigh.  Promise.

These notes are from Gail.  She's on the downhill side of her treatments.  It's been tough,  but we keeping our fingers crossed, our toes on high alert, and our prayers on active status.

Not my best week, but still on home stretch.  Glass remains half full.  I have found the perfect use for the knit shawl from your church.....A sarong!!!  It works perfectly when I'm up and in the house so I do not creat a spectacle for people walking by or coming unexpectedly to the door.  Perfect!

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  1. Sounds like a tasty recipe. We're ready for spring....
    (Healing thoughts to Gail....)