Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What I Wish for You

I borrowed this from somebody on Facebook today.  I love it.

1.  That at some point, soon, you make perfect sense to your children.

2.  That you still look good to your spouse, no matter the pounds, no matter the years, no matter what.

3.   That your creative projects mesmerize and amaze you, carrying you through to completion.

4.   That there would be games you love to play and games you like to watch, and worthy athletes to admire for both their physical prowess and their sterling character.

5.   That you find one new thing to learn this year, some one thing that requires practice and perfection, a sensibility of play and freedom, attention to detail, cooperation with your peers, and some amount of personal growth.

6.  That you discover the one book that alters and enlarges your sense of reality, the one book that grabs you and won't let go, the one book that creates, inside of you, space for a grand story.

7.   That you find and work toward the perfection of a service to your community, some one thing that is utterly necessary to children, to people who are alone too much of the time, to people who are scared out of their very own skins, or so poor, they literally do not know what tomorrow might bring; it helps to help.

8.   That you laugh, hard, every single day.

9.   That there is a grand sustaining passion in your life: baseball, the making of pies, being outside, finding a snuggle bunny, animal or otherwise, the telling of your stories, being part of a community,  the art of play, the glory of music, the delicious nuture of our lovely children.   Or all of it at once.

10.  That you find a spirituality and a spiritual community that encourages you to view everybody with kindness and sweet understanding, that allows you to not take yourself too seriously, that fosters generosity and exploration of great ideas, the home ground of a God that makes love possible.