Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing With Your Food

Wednesday nights, dinner at church before class.  It's a lovely way to spend time normally in the car or at a drive-in, particularly since Brent is cooking.  However, name tags are suggested.

A few weeks ago, Tim asked me who I wanted to be.  He was filling in the name tags.  Harold, I said.  For years, we'd behaved in the usual fashion.  He started us off in a new direction.  For a few weeks, we  used each others' names:  Tim.  Rick.  Larry.  

Turns out, people actually read name tags, so other people at dinner tipped to it quickly.  Professor Joe admitted, in a class on envy, that Tom Brady, the illustrious quarterback, turned him pea green.  Brady had succeeded at a level unattainable by mere mortals,  That and Giselle.  The next week -- everybody at the table wore the nametag:  Tom Brady. Professor Joe laughed.

Then we just started making up names.  Rugged Ralph.  Silly Agnes.  Pretty Paulie.

So who had dinner last night with the gang?  Uncle Buckly.


  1. Fun post -- sounds like a great group of people!

    1. Yeah, they are playful. Makes things fun/funny. Barb