Monday, September 24, 2012

A Wedding in the West

This weekend I attended a very sweet wedding, a medium-sized wedding about 200 people, set in a lyrical  mountain valley surrounded by sky-high mountains, albeit there was some smoke.  Still, it was clear enough to see and we were outside.  Horses in the pasture.  Leaves starting to turn.   Little girls leaning out of the 2nd story window of a barn, waving to their family and friends.  Beautiful table settings with white flowers and little votive candles. The great expanse of newly mown grass, deeply green.

Tucker, a righteous young man, at a little over 30, is ready.  He married Daniela, the daughter of a South American family, now living in the Pacific Northwest.  Tucker is the son of close friends, Tom and Colleen, and handsome enough that people used walk up to him and comment; Daniela is a striking beauty.

As weddings go, it was Western casual.  The groom's men were dressed in their spanking new jeans, a tux shirt and suspenders, a little bit a humor was involved.  Tuck wore the standard denims with a tux shirt and jacket.  The bride's maids wore dresses they picked out, but were within the same color family. And leggings. Spritely and a little sassy.   Daniela wore Colleen's wedding dress, a cotton with exquisite embroidery.  Fresh and crisp and lovely.   And then there were the kids—these families have way-cute kids.  I'm looking forward to more of those.

Pastor Bob taught from the Song of Solomon, the basis of a very lusty, happy marriage. It is the first marriage for Tuck and Daniela, more than likely to be the last, given their parents' model of living through some tough times together and their own religious sensibilities.  My favorite line:  "You ravished my heart."  Deep sigh here.

Dinner was chicken and ham, salad and rice with little baby shrimps, homemade cookies.  This isn't a family that drinks, so there was fresh pink lemonade.  Besides the roads getting here require a clear head.

When I walked up to congratulate the bride and groom, Tuck blew me a kiss and breathed out,  "This is the best day of my life."  I promise more.

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  1. That's lovely! My best wishes to the happy couple for a great life together.