Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unintended Gymnastics

So I was a marginal employee.  I made mistakes right, left and central, didn't always respect my elders or my betters, daydreamed all too frequently, and served as a role model for what not to do.  I landed in places that wanted/needed logical and consecutive thinking, and my brain patterns were loopy. I mean that—I went round and round and then in through the back door.

I made some sorta sense, sometimes.

The thing that saved me was that I have a wicked sense of humor and was more playful than less.  And quite extraordinary things happened in my presence. Or I did them.

Mid-afternoon.  Typical work day.  I took a call/message for a nurse destined to walked through my Center any second. In she came.  I leaned back in my office chair to catch her attention and deliver the message.  Only I leaned too far, too fast.  The desk caught the edges of the middle part of the chair, and did not hamper the bottom or the top. The result: I was catapulted out of the chair, into mid-air.I did a perfect 360-degree somersault, backwards.  And lit in the far corner of my office, on all fours.

Knees and hands.

I had a little conversation with myself.  "Are you all right?  Is anything broken?  Can you possibly be OK?" The only thing at risk was my pride.  I had a long, flowy skirt on and a slip. That was apparent.
I had on knee-high nylons. That was apparent.  I had on underwears. That was apparent.

And the nurse.  The kindest, most professional, caring of women? She laughed so hard she couldn't stand up.  For ten minutes.