Monday, March 5, 2012

The Children

In our city, we have a pretty little river.  Old trees drape themselves over the flow, and there are islands, and eddies that are calm and safe, and places to picnic on the banks. One of those places has a bench, the wading pools are less than an inch deep. 
So on a warm spring day, I am walking along the river, when I come to this serene and
welcoming spot.   In the sandy pools, is a grandma and her grandbaby, a little boy. about 18 months old,  in his swimming suit  and itty-bitty rubber clogs.  He is splashing water everywhere. squealing with real delight. 
I haven’t squealed with real delight about anything in months.  Work is intense and the deadlines are frequent.  This baby is just the perfect antidote.  And I can feel the stress and pressure lessen and evaporate.
Another walking mama with her newborn arrive and begin to splash in the pools, although this newborn is a puppy, a little cocker with that milk-rounded belly and an ever-so-soft golden coat.  The two youngsters are instantly enamored with each other, fascinated and engaged in the most endearing way. 
They play in the sun-dappled river along the sandy beaches.  The little boy is so gentle in his pats, and the puppy constantly licks the hands and arms of the child.  True, true love.
They dig holes, they splash through the clear pools, and they chase each other along the banks for the better part of half an hour. Kids and puppies are a meant-to-be.

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