Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Happens When The Kids Grow Up

William was always the kid who was way smarter than anyone else, a big a boisterous boy with potential spouting every time he opened his mouth.  But he had something of Peter Pan about him and that turned him into a wild child.  He dabbled in things that weren’t in his best interests.  And you had to catch him to get his attention. 

His mom really, really tried—for decades.  Mama knew that he was up to not-so-good stuff, but he was a strong-willed child and he more-or-less wore her out.  Then it all came crashing in on him—as it does on everybody at some point.  That got his attention and he began to take his life seriously, his mom seriously, and himself seriously.  Particularly he took his brains seriously. 

In the midst of this serious transformation, his girlfriend wound up pregnant, maybe not a surprise to anybody.  But here’s what babies do, if you let them.  They stabilize you, they give you direction and a reason to re-enter the good side, and they teach you how to love.  William fell seriously in love with his son and redoubled his efforts at school.  All the years William had spent mucking about now became lessons in why not to do that.  The baby’s mom and William couldn’t make a go of it as lovers, but they are both sterling parents of baby Harry, now about three years old.  William is now well into his college career, with wonderful grades and he looks like a healthy, loving dad in it for the long haul.  Grandmama is permanently happy.  And Harry is a charming, beautiful, healthy child.  

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