Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Counts

Maybe it’s just me, but families haven’t been getting great press lately.  Maybe it’s the number of mindless marriages and divorces?  Maybe it’s the number of single-parent kids who need to be on free school lunch programs? Maybe it’s the number of grandparents who are stepping up and helping raise their children’s children?
            But I think there are other stories out there.  Families are getting great things right:  Beautiful young children.  Teens who have been distracted by dark actions and activities are coming to their senses.  Moms and dads are heroic—everyday.
 Those are the stories I want to tell.  Beautiful stories.  Funny stories.  Brave, stick-together no-matter-what stories.  Love stories.  Making-the-money-work stories.
So why do these stories count?  Families are as critical to society as the alphabet is to language or numbers are to mathematics.  

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